Artist Statement - Nailed It series

Courageous, dependable and observant are personality traits that I respect, aspire to, and actively see in the images for my Nailed It oil painting series. I am inspired by rusted nails and how each one discloses its own unique personality. 

On an explorative drive around Nova Scotia, I became mesmerized by the oxidized nails I was seeing on derelict buildings. The damp salt air accelerates the oxidation of metal and weathers the surfaces, creating both the varying colours and textures in the nails, wood, and paint. I was inspired. The Nailed It series is an extension of my previous Hardware series. I was smitten by the differences and intricacies in the nails, these magical little moments, yet they never got their due within my Hardware paintings and this fact tugged at my creativity.

Nailed It is my way of rectifying this. 



To me, the nail in each painting embodies a personality shaped from the time it was hammered in place. To this day, the nails continue to endure the relentless erosion of coastal weather over long periods of time. Their charm is inherent in the way they curve into the wood as it shies away; or in their strength as they stand alone, the wood they once supported long worn away. I feel each individual nail is overlooked and forgotten but their collective importance is paramount, working together to keep a structure’s integrity. 

My paintings’ parallel the human experience. As individuals, we are like the nails: both alone and together we shape society. I believe the harsh elements of nature we endure are apparent in individual and cultural hardships. Our life experiences inform not only who we are and how we see the world, but also how we interact with it. The nails in my paintings are fully exposed; perhaps it is this vulnerability that commands my respect. It is through my choice to paint nails, and how I perceive and portray them, that I share my voice with the world. I have always believed that art should start a conversation and this is my subtle way of making my mark.