Welcome to Sketchbook Reverie!


This blog is a place for us to get to know each other: Me through my posts and you through your comments or questions—both of which I welcome! Here, you will get to see the world through my lens. I chose the word “Reverie” because it means “a state of being most pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts”. Contemplation, musings, meditation, preoccupation. Check, check, check, and double check. All of these describe my relationship with my sketchbook. 




I learn about me through my sketchbook so I thought I’d open it up and let you peek into what makes this artist tick. In many ways, I use my sketchbook as a diary. I certainly don’t let just anyone flip through it. My sketchbook is the place where I let my thoughts fly. On one page there may be a nicely developed drawing, the next may have a random, ranting manifesto as to why I think money is the main motivation driving society and tainting the very fiber of human existence, while the following is a page filled with random words from songs I like. And so on, and so on. There is a fortune cookie paper taped to the inside flap. And always a list. Lists of lists. 

Through Sketchbook Reverie I hope you’ll get to know me as the “rusty artist”. I’ll walk you through my attraction to rusty hardware and peeling paint, what my studio practice entails, and why I almost exclusively choose a square canvas. If you dare, there may even be a few musings of life in general. It happens! 


Again, a most heartfelt welcome to my world.